We offer best-in-class model staffing and management for companies exhibiting at trade shows and requiring lead generation. We are one of the best in the USA at matching talent with clients needs, and we have hundreds of reviews to proove it.


Our modles for hire will gain attention while allowing your brand increased exposure. Promotions are an important part of the marketing mix and enable brands to get out in front of their targeted audience with positive engagements.


Your product or services, regardless of what strategies you use, is based on the core value that you bring to a group of people. We help you find a face and personality to match your message and express your value with our model staffing services.


Branding is basically about who you are the experience consumers associate with you. Our talent is experienced with and understand core competencies, brand value, brand personality, as well as your brand promise. They will help atttact customers and compel them to not only try your products but become advocates.

We know bubbly personalities and showcasing one’s assets isn’t for everyone, but for those particular industries with those needs, we provide girls for hire in every market to fit their needs. You know your audience and what appeals most to them.


You have a huge number of consumers looking for your product at auto shows. Using a model staffing agency can exponentially increase your exposure, allowing you to reach more people, attract media attention, and enable all questions to be addressed.

In the right venue, girls in swimsuits can match the product and promotion, while drawing attention to your offerings. We know they work for lifestyle brands and boat shows and offer a huge database of sexy and fun staff to choose from and models for hire.

Office staffing, no matter how many times you fill a position, is a constant challenge. Finding qualified candidates from traditional companies all pulling from the same talent pool is not always adventageous. We help companies tap into a different candidate pool of energetic and qualified prospects.