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FDIC International Indianapolis The FDIC International (Fire Department Instructors Conference) is one of the popular fire industry trade shows in the country. The show brings many different industries together in one location. There will be firefighters, experts, trainers, suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers coming to this remarkable show. The FDIC is held every year in the city of Indianapolis. The Fire Department Instructors Conference is the greatest place for educational information, products, and updated training. People who are interested in this industry are traveling from different countries to attend.

Looking for Trade Show Models and Booth Staff for FDIC International? We Have Models for Hire!

The Executives at TSM Agency have been helping to staff the Fire Department Instructors Conference for several years. The trade show is expected to have over 20,000 attendees at the conference. A booth should be managed properly and professional to handle the large group of attendees. There are many
professional and intelligent Indianapolis booth models to promote your products and attract clients to your booth. If you are looking to hire staff for your booth, then TSM Agency can provide you service. Our Indianapolis promotional models and trade show staff can be a huge asset to your team. The models can assist with the interaction of attendees, brand promotion, gathering contacts, and attracting a large crowd to your booth. Our professional spokesmodels are in Indianapolis. The local models will save you costs because the local models do not need hotels, transportation, or airfare when they reside in Indianapolis.

Hire Professional Models for FDIC International in Indianapolis

When you hire promotional models to watch your booth, you can spend time talking with attendees. Do not miss any new leads when you hire a brand ambassador to staff your booth and interact with the crowd. We provide professional and experienced trade show models to promote your brand, advertise the product, and attract more people to you. Our experienced staff can comfortably talk with thousands of people, advertise your product and increase the clientele. The models can help with additional tasks that need to be done while ensuring that your booth is running properly.

About Indianapolis

Indianapolis is a great city to visit and has many tourist attractions. Indianapolis is a requested location for international and national tradeshow exhibits. The reason that Indianapolis is a recommended trade show location, is because there are popular racecar museums to enjoy. There are plenty of activities, exhibits, and historical sights to visit while you are in the city. In Indianapolis, Indiana there is an abundance of entertainment, bright lights, and fascinating people to see. If you happen to come to Indianapolis for a trade show event like FDIC International, there are many places to visit after the show has ended.

FDIC International Model Staff Rates

When you hire an Indianapolis booth model it can save you money and be less expensive. You will save money on not needing to pay for hotels, food, and airfare because the Indianapolis models are local. A hired model will save you from bringing employees along who do not want to work at a trade show event. The models are professional, qualified, and can interact with a large group of people and help you attract attention to your booth. There are plenty models who can help with translation services among attendees from different countries. “

Additional Information

Event Nmae: FDIC Indianapolis

City Name: New York

Attendees: 7,439

Exhibitors: 778

Date:April 23-28, 2018

Location: Indiana Convention Center & Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis, Indiana

Metheds of Payment: American Express Cash Visa

Indianapolis Professional Modeling Opportunities

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a professional model or trade showgirl? The TSM Agency is hiring Indianapolis Promotional Models for the Fire Department Instructors Conference. Our company is opening our modeling roster for Indianapolis trade show girls, promo models, booth models, and product demonstrators. The trade show models enjoy conversing about brands and promoting

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