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Fashion Coterie New York The most comprehensive gathering of designers, retailers and exhibitors and can be found at one of the world’s biggest trade show. It’s about fashion, design and technology in the world’s fashion capital. Attendees may look forward to meet with industry players, experiencing over 200 hours of accredited education and an awards ceremony for new designs. If you are in fashion, then you owe it to yourself to check out this trade show.

Looking for Booth Staff and Promotional Models for Fashion Coterie New York? We have models for hire!

TSM Agency has been trusted to staff trade shows for many years. Great numbers of suppliers, wholesalers and retailers in the fashion industry from numerous countries seek the most outstanding trends in the industry from whom to invest. TSM hires models from America’s biggest cities. They represent your company, its reputation and its products. They reach out to buyers, talking
knowledgeably about the products. They work inside the booth doing the dozens of small tasks inherent in a trade show booth. Our New York promotional models are just the right assets for your team. They are local and know the area and its people. TSM has relationships years long with loyal trade show models, giving us the edge in staffing your job with just one phone call. You need this experience and reliability, and no matter how big the workload is, our models can handle it.

Hire Professional Booth Models for Fashion Coterie New York

As you staff New York models for your trade show booth, you can be sure they are attracting attendees to your booth. You’ll be working with other buyers, knowing our promotional models are trained in representation of your brand as brand ambassadors. They talk with visitors to your booth, converting them to leads. These models are also trained to help out around the booth. Professional models advertise your brand, raise your market share, obtain leads and traffic to your booth as well as increasing your exposure. Our models can do all this and more.

About New York

The fashion capital is one of the busiest cities in the world. With a never stopping trade industry, the city that never sleeps has everything to offer, including an amazing skyline, historical buildings, an awesome pop-culture scene and entertainment for anyone and everyone. New York is famed for its historic landmarks including Ground Zero, the Empire State Building, and of course its location; where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Lightfare International New York Model Staff Rates

When you need staff for your trade show booth, you either hire someone from an agency or from an ad in the paper or online. You’ll get a body, but it might only be one who wanted a free trip somewhere.You’d be paying their expenses, without knowing until they arrive if they can do the job properly or not. You could hire a pretty, college educated, knowledgeable and helpful lady from TSM Agency, though. No
expenses would be paid, and you’d get a model happy to be your brand ambassador as well as helpful around the booth. We also offer translation services as well as multi-lingual promotional models.

Additional Information

Event Name: Fashion Coterie New York

City Name: New York

Attendees: Unconfirmed

Exhibitors: Unconfirmed


Location: Unconfirmed

Metheds of Payment: American Express Cash Visa

New York Promotional Modeling Opportunities

If you have a happy, chirpy personality, outgoing and friendly and with a helpful attitude, and you like talking to people all day, then TSM Agency has something for you. TSM Agency hires spokesmodels for trade shows. We are growing our list of New York trade show models in New York, booth helpers and promotional models. You will be friendly and approachable; you will talk with visitors to the booth about the products in a lively environment. If you’d like to be a model and represent our clients in a favorable way, then please fill out a model profile today.

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    Provide your contact details and we’ll get back to you asap!

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