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The TSM Agency Indianapolis can assist you in staffing your trade show booth with stunning, friendly, and experienced professional promo models and booth staff.
The WWETT is a comprehensive and in-depth program and commercial exhibition organized by the Water and Environmental Awareness Industry. This meeting draws in large crowds of professionals from around the world. In fact, professional from more than 65 different countries attend this educational and informative exhibition. This exclusive meeting is open to eco-friendly companies around the world concerned with safeguarding water and other natural resources all around the globe.

In Need of Professional, Experienced Booth Staff & Promotional Models for WWETT? We have models for hire!

The professionals at TSM Agency have been staffing the WWETT booths for years. We have hundreds of beautiful, experienced promotional models eager to promote your unique and innovative products and services. With attendees travelling from over 65 countries to attend this event that is held only once a year, this is your opportunity to get your ideas, products and services on the map. Don’t take chances by staffing your booth with beginners or amateurs. Choose the professionals that can represent your interests in a professional way that will make this event a success for you. Whether you require someone to answer questions, draw in a larger crowd or ensure your booth runs smoothly, we have the professional and experienced booth staff you need.

Hire Experienced Promo Models for WWETT

There are many advantages to hiring proficient, experienced promo models for your trade show booth. These attractive and highly skilled brand ambassadors will promote your product to everyone that walks by. These trade show models will ensure that each interested and potential client receives the attention they deserve. You don’t want to lose out on lucrative leads because your booth is understaffed. Our friendly and outgoing spokesmodels will increase leads, promote your brand, and even demonstrate the proper use of your product to everyone that walks by your booth. If you want to ensure that your booth runs smoothly and as successfully as possible, put your trust in our wonderful promotional models and staff Indianapolis models today in your booth!

About Indianapolis

Indianapolis has always been a favorite travel destination for visitors from around the globe. Whether business or pleasure, the city has a lot to offer. It’s obvious why this event is scheduled to take place in Indianapolis, it being at the forefront in coming up with legislative measures that relate to matters environment. After the show, there are tens of experiences that are guaranteed to make your visit memorable. We will do the hard work for you so that you ensure your visit is a success, in and out. The Indiana Conventional Center is the perfect location for such an event for its close proximity to the beauty that is the City of Indianapolis.

WWETT Booth Staff Rates

There are a multitude of benefits that result from your decision to invest in a booth staff handpicked by the TSM Agency. For this reason, the cost of hiring promo models, trade show models, and other booth
staff is minimal. You will actually save money by hiring booth staff rather than bringing your own employees with you. There are many additional costs involved including transporting your staff to the show, lodging costs for hotels, and then, of course, there’s the food. When you hire local TSM Agency promo models, you don’t have to pay these additional fees. If that is not enough of a reason for you, also consider that these experienced promo models will draw in a larger crowd and make more client connections for you. There are also additional services offered, including translator services and multi-lingual models that will expand the clientele you can really connect to.

Additional Information



Exhibitors: : 599


Date: February 22-25 2018

Location: Indiana Convention Center Indianapolis, Indiana

Metheds of Payment: American Express Cash Visa

Promo Model Opportunities in Indianapolis

Do you have an outgoing, friendly personality? Have you worked as a trade show model previously? Does being a brand ambassador and talking to large amounts of people in a short amount of time while promoting products sound like a fun and exciting challenge to you? We have exciting news! TSM Agency is currently hiring outgoing, professional, and experienced promo models, spokesmodels, brand ambassadors, and booth staff in Indianapolis for the WWETT. If you think you have what it takes, fill out a model profile and contact us today!

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