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New York International Auto Show Models and Staff

The TSM Agency in New York can make your show exceptional by staffing the Model Talent for Displaying Your Products with Car Show Girls, Brand Ambassadors, and Spokesmodels

Almost 50 carmakers will be here. You’ll not only see the latest in Hybrids, Electric’s, and some of the most expensive Luxury and Exotic cars on the market today but you’ll also see everything from Wagons too Mini-Compacts as well. Over a thousand vehicles will be here highlighting their features for you, and you’ll get to see New Concept cars with performance and lines you will not believe.

If you need Auto Show Girls and Promo Models to get the winning edge, we have Models to Hire!

Staffing the New York Auto Show has been an annual event for TSM. You can’t run a trade show today without the professional talents that a model brings to the table. The entire world will be in New York during the days of this event. A professionally trained Spokesmodel or Brand Ambassador is just the ticket to bring people to your exhibit.
TSM trains all of their Spokesmodels and the rest of their modeling talent in meeting and greeting customers as well as gathering valuable contact information that provides leads to your sales support staff. Not only that they provide the Booth Babes, Demo Dollies, and Crowd Gatherers along with the Auto Show Girls that provide the Glamour, that touch of class, and panache to your vehicles on display. Better yet, the entire modeling staff is in New York waiting now, and you avoid the hassles of transportation, coordinating everyone to be at the same place at the same time.

Hire the Professional Model Staffing For the New York International Auto Show

You get more traffic through your exhibits and as an added dividend. The Modeling Staff will gather leads as well as the needed customer contact information that generates cold hard cash to your bottom line. Not only are the TSM models beautiful but they can speak intelligently about your cars, products, and can field questions about them as well as your office staff back home. They are coached to direct potential customers to your Sales Force and provide you with valuable networking information that you cannot get otherwise. What’s more, your staff can run your booth and exhibit, and that lets you mingle and meet customers one on one without worrying about the booth’s running.

About New York

New York is the Largest City in the US and home to Broadway, Madison Avenue and the world renowned Wall Street. From the Bowery to Chinatown, you can dine on the cuisine of the world and have the best entertainment in North America. In fact to go with that, the Nightlife is extraordinary, and both clubs and show venues have something to offer everyone. This is why it is a favorite venue for Trade Shows from all over the world. Everyone wants to take part in the “New York Experience.” So, while enjoying the Auto Show take the time to taste what this city has to offer in food, fun, and adventure.

New York International Auto Show Model Staff Rates

With the over, 1 million expected visitors to this one Tradeshow alone the New York International Auto Show expects to be one of the largest shows this year. With each visitor, spending thousands of dollars to attend you want to ensure that your company gets their share. That’s why hiring the right modeling staff for your booth and displays is of critical importance. Having multilingual models who can translate as well as articulate your company’s thoughts and ideas to the many visitors that from the show. You need the best and modeling talent available. The TSM Agency provides such a staff, which can run your Tradeshow’s exhibits and provide you with the leads you need to make a major impact on your corporate bottom line. They do all this and more at modeling rates; you have to see to believe. The HD Expo is presented by Hospitality Design magazine and is considered

the premiere trade show for

the hospitality design industry. This event has over 700 exhibitors and

expects attendance of more than

6,500 people, interested in the newest innovations and products in

the industry as well as networking

opportunities and a forum for idea sharing. The Expo is organized by Emeral

d Expositions and is held at

the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Contact Information

Address: 655 W. 34th St, New York, NY 10001, USA

 Contact: (123) 123-4444

Visit EVENT website: http://www.autoshowny.com/

Additional Information

Event Name: New York International Auto Show

City Name: New York



Date:Mar 30 – Apr 8, 2018

Location: Jacob Javits Convention Center

New York Professional Modeling Opportunities

The New York International Auto Show has some of the best modeling talents in the world. However, it’s still not enough this event keeps getting larger and larger and requires more talent this opens up the door for you should you desire to become a model and begin your modeling career and live in the high-energy and exciting world that Tradeshow modeling offers. You can become a Brand Ambassador, Spokesmodel, and Tradeshow model. If you’re an outgoing person who is people friendly and especially if you’re multilingual, contact TSM today and start yourself on a modeling career of your own.

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