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The TSM Agency connects you with talented brand ambassadors in Las Vegas, allowing you to focus on the exhibit and still have the best support staff available during the national show.

SUPERZOO is a show that takes place from June 26-28, bringing together mass market, hardware, independent retailers, groomers, veterinarians, distributors and large specialty pet retailers. The World Pet Association organizes over 1,100 exhibitors for a show that welcomes 16,885 attendees at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show allows different areas of the pet industry to discuss new products and make others aware of new services.

Do you want to hire professional models and booth staff for the SUPERZOO Las Vegas? We have models for hire!

The TSM Agency understands the importance of connecting with new distributors and retailers at an event like SuperZoo. The staff you will hire for this annual event in Las Vegas will also understand the importance of your goals and help you work toward those goals with minimal confusion. They will help
generate leads for you and connect with the crowd in the most beneficial ways. Trust the management at the TSM Agency to find the right models to represent your brand and reach the target audience at a level that improves your chance of being remembered. SuperZoo brings together representatives of the different aspects of the pet industry, and it is your time to take advantage of these meetings. Do so with confidence and with the help of the models from the TSM Agency. These promotional models can provide you just the level of understanding and support you need to succeed.
Hire professional spokesmodels and events staff models for the SUPERZOO event in Las Vegas

The promotional models employed by The TSM Agency can handle any scenario where your company needs a boost from word of mouth. These brand ambassadors offer great talent in engaging those in attendance at SuperZoo and make sure to increase leads wherever and whenever possible. They also carry out general tasks with minimal direction. At SuperZoo, this will allow you the chance to size up competitive brands and see what’s new and worth noting, all while your exhibit is handled professionally by hired staff. Get in touch with the TSM Agency today to see about available models for this year’s SuperZoo.

About Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is a fun place to visit. Known for casinos, big names on the many stages throughout the city’s venues and even entertaining diversions like mini golf and wild animal shows, Las Vegas is also a common destination for attendees of shows related to their career field. An expo or convention is a common occurrence, just like a tourist at a drive-through wedding chapel. Expect to learn a lot during the day and have plenty to choose from to entertain you at night during a visit to this great city. The food is great and the weather is fine, making this a fun and worthwhile trip at any time of year.

SuperZoo Model Staff Rates

Are you trying to cross off hiring Las Vegas trade show models from your to-do list? If you are in need of Las Vegas spokesmodels to help with your exhibit at SuperZoo, TSM Agency offers connections to numerous models that can be a great face for your company. They help generate leads and are great at interacting with the public. These models also provide genuine support for all tasks and activities that need to be handled during the show. Be confident you will have back-up and be successful in your SuperZoo attendance experience. The HD Expo is presented by Hospitality Design magazine and is considered

the premiere trade show for

the hospitality design industry. This event has over 700 exhibitors and

expects attendance of more than

6,500 people, interested in the newest innovations and products in

the industry as well as networking

opportunities and a forum for idea sharing. The Expo is organized by Emeral

d Expositions and is held at

the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Contact Information

Address: Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada 88901

 Contact: (123) 123-4444

Visit EVENT website: http://www.superzoo.org/

Additional Information

Event Name: SUPERZOO Week Las Vegas

City Name: Las Vegas

Attendees: 16,885

Exhibitors: 1,197

Date:June 26-28, 2018

Location:Mandalay Bay Convention Center

Las Vegas Professional Modeling Opportunities

If you are interested and knowledgeable about all things pet-related, then SuperZoo is the perfect show to become one of the Las Vegas promotional models who work for TSM Agency. This event hosts exhibits that are related to products and services related to pets. If you want to be one of the reliable and busy Las Vegas brand ambassadors employed by the TSM Agency, now is the time to show them your potential. Get in touch today. You will shine at this exhibit and be available for future trade shows and expos as a model that can help the client with small tasks related to a successful exhibition.

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    Provide your contact details and we’ll get back to you asap!

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