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The TSM Agency Louisville has well trained show models, promo girls and brand ambassadors that can manage your booth for the forthcoming truck show.

The Mid-America Trucking Show is one of the greatest trucking shows organized in the country and it attracts participants from all over the world. The event, which usually takes place at the Kentucky Exposition Center, would exhibit different kinds of trucks and most of them are new cars, 18-wheelers, off-road trucks, as well as SUVs and several other heavy duty vehicles. This is perhaps the greatest truck show in this country and the newest truck models and leading truck brands are always exhibited here.

Are You Looking to Hire a Booth Model for Mid-America Trucking Show? We have models for hire!

We have a national reach, we have branches in all parts of the country, and this means that our models are everywhere to work for you. We have been in this type of show several times. Our car show girls are motivated, trained and educated to offer you the best. Before we send trade show models to your booth, we are always careful to ensure that you will the right models. We always study your needs before sending you models. Because of this, our models are the best that you can get for an event like
this. These promotional models are beautiful, attractive and most importantly professionals in the industry. They would ensure that your stand is a beehive of activities. We are going to help attract qualified traffic and generate leads.

Looking to Hire Promo Models for Mid-America Trucking Show?

Exhibitors are engaging the services of auto girls always have a peace of mind. This is because they know that these models are well trained, motivated, and reliable. Our spokesmodels are well prepared for the show and that is why they would always make a difference whenever you engage us. No matter the type of assistance that you want us to render for you, we are well prepared to do them. When you engage our services, you have a lot of gain as we are going to make a great difference in your booth.

About Louisville

Sitting pretty on the Ohio River, Louisville is one of the few baseball strongholds in the country. This makes it one of the most celebrated sporting cities in the United States. With just 30% humidity, the city has always been a favorite for events relating to the auto industry, especially off-roaders. Get to enjoy the mesmeric beauty that is Louisville, with a high-energy nightlife and exotic sceneries and its beautiful skyline.

Mid-America Trucking Show Model Staff Rates

If you want your trade booth to stand out in the next auto show holding in Louisville, it would be a good idea to look for the right agency. Several agencies have models for hire, but you have to choose only those with the right models to satisfy your needs. Professional agencies would first study your requirements before they send models. Our models would turn your booth to attraction center and this is good for your business. We are going to attract huge traffic and generate leads. Engage our services today. The HD Expo is presented by Hospitality Design magazine and is considered

the premiere trade show for

the hospitality design industry. This event has over 700 exhibitors and

expects attendance of more than

6,500 people, interested in the newest innovations and products in

the industry as well as networking

opportunities and a forum for idea sharing. The Expo is organized by Emeral

d Expositions and is held at

the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Additional Information

Event Name: Mid-America Trucking Show

City Name: Louisville, Kentucky

Attendees: Unknown at this time

Exhibitors: 1000+

Date: March 22 – 24, 2018

Location: Anaheim Convention Center, 800 West Katella Avenue

Metheds of Payment: American Express Cash Visa

Louisville Promo Modeling Opportunities

Are you searching for an opportunity to become a model in Louisville? If you are, this next trucking show would be the perfect opportunity to take your career to the next level. Hundreds of exhibitors rely on our company annually to provide them with talented and qualified auto show models like you. If are looking for a unique opportunity to advance your modeling career, we will make everything available for you. Do not allow this great opportunity to pass by. Contact us today and get started.

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