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Woodworking Expo

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Woodworking Expo

The TSM Agency Atlanta can help you have an outgoing, beautiful, and professional trade show models, promotional staff, and booth models.

IWF Atlanta the IWF (International Woodworking Fair) is the most popular B2B trade show in the country for that industry. It will attract many woodworking professionals, retailers, and construction industries from around the world. The International Woodworking Fair is held once a year in Atlanta Georgia. The IWF is considered to be one of the top trade shows for a variety of woodworking industries. It is a huge buying and selling opportunity for wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers, and business professionals.

Hire Experience and Professional Trade Show Models for IWF in Atlanta

Having the opportunity to hire a professional Atlanta booth model can raise the number of attendees at your booth. It will allow your booth to be managed while you’re interacting with attendees in the crowd. There are no more worries about missing potential lead opportunities when you hire a staff Atlanta model and brand ambassador staff to talk with people walking by your booth. We provide exceptional and experienced trade show models to help you gain more leads and to show off your products to the crowd. The models can help you with other tasks that keep your booth functioning perfectly.

About Atlanta

Atlanta is a heavily toured city for tourists and vacationers. There is an abundance of historic buildings, sites, and documenting to explore. The city is known for its record keeping of the Civil War and the site of Martin Luther king Jr. There is plenty of interesting places to see and that is one of the reasons that Atlanta is a popular trade show attraction location. There are plenty of things to do and see when people travel to Atlanta, Georgia. If you want to travel to Atlanta for the International Woodworking Fair, you will have plenty of activities to do after the show has ended.

IWF Model Staff Rates

When you hire an Atlanta model to manage your product and booth, you are saving money instantly. There is no need to pay for financial costs that cover dining, hotel rooms, and transportation for out of town help. A promotional model can provide knowledgeable assistance in promoting your brand and provide help to increase your booth traffic. There are over 15,000 attendees at IWF trade show and many will spend a substantial amount of money at the show. It would be beneficial to hire a model and
be prepared for the crowd of people coming to the event. We also have booth models who are translators. The International Woodworking Fair will have attendees coming from several different countries.

Contact Information

Georgia World Congress Center Atlanta, Georgia

Additional Information
Event Date: August 22-25 2018

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