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The Rental Show

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The Rental Show in New Orleans

The TSM Agency New Orleanscan help provide intelligent, beautiful, and experienced demo girls, booth staff, trade show models and promo models.
The Annual Rental Show is an annual convention organized for the American rental industry by the American Rental Association. The show brings together renters of special equipment, general use tools, construction equipment and specialevent/party tools and equipment.With over 700 visitors and over 350 party specials, there will definitely be something for everyone. It is one of the biggest shows in the industry and the 2018 edition is coming to New Orleans!

Hire Professional Trade Show Models for The Rental Showin New Orleans.

When you hire promotional booth models they will attract more people to your booth. The model will provide you with an opportunity to mingle with the crowd and give the attendees your full attention. Do not miss out on financial opportunities when you hire a brand ambassador to represent your booth. The model will communicate with people who are interested in your product. We offer qualified professional trade show models to represent your brand and initiate more leads. The models are highly skilled and trained to easily communicate with a large group and can help you do things to keep the booth running perfectly.

About New Orleans

Sitting pretty on the Mississippi river in Louisiana, is the beautiful city of New Orleans. Famous for its ever vibrant night life, the city, nicknamed the ‘’Big Easy’’ offers what no other city in the country can. After the show, you can indulge in the spicy delicacies from different cultures including Indian, French, African and Americancuisines. It will be a truly unforgettable experience.

Model Staff Rates for The Rental Show in New Orleans

The Rental ShowStaff Model Rates Hiring a local professional model can save money on unwanted expenses. The qualified staff will manage your booth and promote your products. You will not have to pay for dinner, hotels, and transportation costs when you hire a local New Orleansmodel. A booth model has the skills to professionally interact with potential customers and attract more leads to you and your brand. With hundreds ofpeople traveling from other parts of the world to attend the show, there should be professional models to keep your booth staffed. The staff models should be able to handle the thousands of attendees in the crowd. We have translation and multi-lingual models thatcan assist you at the show.

Contact Information
City Name: Orleans

The Rental Show in New Orleans

Additional Information
Event Date: February 19-21, 2018, New Orleans, Louisiana
Event Type: The Rental Show in New Orleans

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