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supplyside west global expo conference

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SupplySide West Orlando

The TSM Agency Orlando will aid you in staffing lovely, easygoing, experienced trade show booth staff, product instructors and promotional models.

The global health and nutrition industry need to know about ingredients. Almost 3,000 executives and industry experts will be talking to over 200 industry service providers about the latest ingredients and such things as probiotics, beverages, heart health and sports nutrition. It’s called Ingredient Marketplace. Botanicals are popular with the public now for their healthy qualities. Energy and sports drinks power a fast-paced life. Manufacturers and labs figure prominently in the Ingredient Marketplace.

Hire Specialized Booth Models for SuplySide West in Orlando

When you staff Orlando models for your trade show booth, you can be sure they are attracting buyers to your booth. While you’re helping other buyers, these trade show models will be the embodiment of your brand, talking with customers and making them into leads. They help around the booth, too. These professional models help advertise your brand, escalate your market share, attract more leads and traffic to your brand, and boost your exposure. Our models have a lot going for them, and these are just a few of them.

About Orlando

The name Orlando brings to mind Walt Disney’s theme park Disneyworld, SeaWorld and the Universal Studios theme park. Magic Castle, Epcot, Volcano Bay, roller coasters, water park rides and characters from the movies are the picture of Orlando in visitors’ minds. However, lots of people don’t know that the Spanish and French once owned all of Florida across to Texas. Once hotly contested by the native American Indians and their white opposition, Orlando was the scene of many a battle. The architecture is worth a second look just to identify the influence. Major industry, manufacturing, technology, healthcare, filming, sports, music and the arts all have a place in Orlando. Tiger Woods and Shaquille O’Neal are from Orlando.

SupplySide West Model Staff Rates

Running an ad in the paper or online for help doesn’t always work out. You could get an unfriendly, not outgoing person who just wanted to visit Orlando. You’d have to cover her expenses, as well as being stuck with someone who might not be bi-lingual or helpful. Or you could hire an alluring spokesmodel who is educated, intelligent and helpful from the TSM Agency. Our models gladly become brand ambassadors for you and your company. We offer translation services in addition to our multi-lingual promotion and trade show models.

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City Name: Orlando

Orlando World Center Marriott

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Event Type: SupplySide West Orlando

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