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Ppai Expo

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PPAI Expo Las Vegas

The PPAI Expo (Promotional Products Association International)is a highly rated annual event that brings together merchandise resellers, tradespeople and investors to exchange ideas, products and services. The event is a one-off chance for new investors and retailers to share ideas, knowledge and experience with thealready prominent players in the industry.

Hire Promo Models for PPAI Expo in Las Vegas

TSM Agency hires promotional models that are intelligent, engaging and provide the perfect face to represent your company at an expo filled with your biggest competition. Hiring models through the TSM Agency means you will have the help you need to complete tasks typically handled by assistants. After that, the models can transition to your face in the crowd and your feet on the expo floor, sharing your product and/or service with those in attendance in such a way as to make an impression that lasts. The PPAI Expois your chance to be connected with innovative ideas and the newest technology and products in the industry. The right models will make sure your company is unforgettable.

About Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is known for its nightlife. Filled with notable names on the stage, casinos and entertainment options, the city is also known for conventions and expos that provide breakthroughs in the field of focus. A convention in Las Vegas is sure to expose you to new knowledge and innovation that might not reach other conventions this year. It is important to be represented at a conference or expo in Las Vegas to provide maximum exposure within the industry for your goods and services. Having Las Vegas promotional models that present your company in the best light will go a long way toward business success, based on your presence at the Las Vegas expo. Therefore, make plans to attend the expo and have the benefits add up.

PPAI Expo Model Staff Rates

A chance to stand outat the PPAI Expomeans long-term success for your business. Therefore, you need Las Vegas brand ambassadors who can showcase your company in the best way possible, making it unforgettable to those who visit the exhibit. In a group of over 700 exhibits, yours needs to stand out and stick in visitors’ minds once they return home. Having the right Las Vegas spokesmodels to help you get set up and provide the right information can make the difference for your impact. Ensure your

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