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Labelexpo Americas

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Label Expo Americas Staffing

Label Expo Americas Staffing

The financial execs of the TSM Agency have been staffing Labelexpo Americas for years. Granted, there are thousands of attendees who are traveling from over 75 countries to explore the labeling and packaging show. Don’t miss out on leads because you did not have staff Rosemont models for your promotional booth. There are hundreds of intelligent, beautiful, friendly, and enthusiastic models available in the Rosemont for the Labelexpo Americas. The models can take down detailed information and can answer any concerns that attendees may have about the product. The brand ambassadors will attract more people to your booth by engaging them in intellectual conversation. The trade show models will promote and advertise your brand and help increase your clientele. The models can become a huge asset and benefit to your employees. The models are well trained and skilled to captivate the
attention of attendees and draw them to your booth. The management of spokesmodels is located in Rosemont. Hiring local models can save you of expenses and unnecessary spending. You will have no need for hotels, dining, and other accommodations to be paid when you hire a model from Rosemont.

Hire Promo Models for Labelexpo Americas in Rosemont

When you hire a professional model, you will be able to focus more on the attention of the attendees at the trade show. The model is intelligent and qualified to watch and run your booth. The model will manage clients and customers while answering questions or concerns from the crowd. You will also not have to mind about missing leads because the model will be there to keep up the conversation with the attendees who is interested in your brand. These promo models will speak with people who pass by the booth. They will write down valuable information from people and attract individuals to your booth. Our booth models are educated about the product and can interact with a large group of attendees at the trade show event.

About Rosemont

The city of Rosemont is one of the top choices for trade shows in the country. The city of Rosemont is a beautiful place to hold large exhibits because of the entertainment and atmosphere that it entails. This city is popular for tourists and people coming to see the sights in the village establishments. You will have an abundance of fun activities to do when you come to Rosemont. The location is equipped with being able to hold a large crowd and provide an amazing trade show experience. If you want to come to Rosemont, Illinois for Labelexpo Americas, then you can take part in the main attractions of the village. There will be lots of activities to enjoy after the show has ended.

Labelexpo Americas Model Staff Rates

Hire a Rosemont trade show model for an extremely cost-effective approach to employ your booth. When you consider the savings on transportation, hotels, food, and lost work time of employees, who have no interest in working a trade show if it weren’t for the free visit to Rosemont. With Over 10,000 attendees and an average buyer spending approximately $40,000 per show, the extra booth staff will make a big impact. Don’t overlook our translator services and multi-lingual models as the Labelexpo Americas attract manufacturers, automotive, and business professionals who are coming from more than 55 different countries.

Contact Information
City Name: Rosemont

Donald E. Stephens Convention Center

Additional Information
Event Date: September 25-27 2018
Event Type: Labelexpo Americas Rosemont

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