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Detroit Auto Show

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Detriot International Auto Show

Detroit Auto Show

The TSM Agency in Detroit can help make this year’s International Auto Show the best boost to your business by helping you staff experienced car show girls, booth babes and professional promo models.

Here in Detroit the motor that runs the world never stops turning, and you will see the results during the 2018 North American International Auto Show. There will be excitement and fun for everyone, perhaps some surprises as well. All the major corporations will be there, and there is always surprises and excitement for you to experience as well. All the hotels are connected to the convention center via the Detroit People Mover.

Hire Beautiful Auto Show Models for the North American Auto Show in Detroit

From there they will do the meet and greet along with the schmoozing that gleans the valuable information that lets you know who the real buyers are at the show. They expertly direct these prospects to your sales force or garner the lead information they need to contact them later. Also, TSM’s Booth Staffing ensures your booth and its activities run like a well-oiled machine. You make more contacts than ever before, and this can make your company’s sales quota for the coming year with your Models from TSM. Stop losing leads and bring in the business with the help of your TSM Modeling Talent.

About Detroit

Detroit isn’t only about cars. The city has a long history of dealing with the automotive industry in cars where it has been home to America’s industrial might for decades. It is also a city where you can have fine dining as well as exciting nightlife. If you’re into museums, there is the Institute of the arts as well as of course the Motown Museum. For those of you who are into shopping the Eastern market is a street market that provides you with a wide variety of items and Detroit culture that also includes fresh fruit and vegetables, However, if you want something more exciting. Detroit has 3 Casinos as well as over 74 clubs and other hot spots for your evening’s entertainment.

North American International Auto Show model staff rates

You need the professional talent that the TSM agency provides. You can save cash by having an onsite staff ready to set up your exhibits, booth, and run it all for you. TSM provides the talent that can make your outing in Detroit a rousing success. You then only have to send some of your key people to oversee things and network with the visitor that your modeling talent dire your way. You can concentrate on your business, and your staff runs the show for you. You don’t have to shoulder the burden yourself as TSM makes things easier as they have the experience and the modeling talent that can do the job for you at a very economical price

Contact Information
City Name: Los Angeles

Cobo Center

Additional Information
Event Date: January 13-28, 2018
Event Type: North American International Auto Show

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