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Asco Annual Meeting 1

ASCO Annual Meeting Chicago

The TSM Agency Chicago can help you successfully staff your booth with beautiful, friendly, outgoing, and experienced professional promotional models.

The ASCO Annual Meetingis an annual event for organizations against Cancer and the entire medical fraternity as a whole family. It is the most informative and most respected meetings in the country aimed at fighting cancer and creating awareness. There will be thousands of stakeholders, professionals, researchers, media, sponsors, politicians and distinguished members of the organization committee, enabling you to garner knowledge, network and share ideas

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Hiring professional models, spokesmodels, bikini models, and booth staff for your ASCO Annual Meetingwill attract more traffic to your booth. Once your target marketarrivesat your booth, our highly skilled, knowledgeable, and professional promo models will perform outstanding product demonstrations, promote your product and brand successfully, and help you create customer relationships and connections. We provide experienced staff that will help you with any tasks you need completed in your booth and will ensure that your booth is run smoothly and successfully each day. Staff Chicagomodels for your booth today!

About Chicago

Chicago, Illinoisis a beautiful city that is an excellent host for meetings, expos, exhibitions, conventions, and trade shows. If you decide to attend the ASCO Annual Meeting, there are many ways to keep yourself occupied after the meetingcloses for the day. The Chicago Metropolitan Area is one of the most admirable realizationsofmodern civilization, able to accommodate the crucialelements of the economy especially the health sector. There are alsomuseums, all types of events, and plenty of dining options to keep you full and entertained

ASCO Annual MeetingModel Staff RateS

Hiring TSM Agency models does not cost as much as you think. To start out, you will save money by hiring local Chicagopromo models. If you choose to bring your own staff, you will have to footcosts for flights, hotels, meals, and more. When you invest in TSM Agency models, you can keep that money in your pocket. You will also make more money with experienced, local booth staff. They are experienced in promoting brand, performing product demonstrations, and networking. They also possessa firsthand knowledge of the Chicago business environment. Experiencesthat will help sellyour brand. In addition, we offer translator services and multi-lingual models to help expand your customer base even more.

Contact Information
City Name: Chicago

McCormick PlaceChicago, Illinois

Additional Information
Event Date: June 1-5 2018
Event Type: ASCO Annual Meeting Chicago

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