If you have ever paid attention to the inter-workings of a company, then you know how important marketing is. You know that the way a company represents themselves can make or break them. You also know that a huge part of a company‚Äôs branding is their spokesmodel. Spokesmodels are often referred to as the‚ÄĚfaces‚ÄĚ of the brand, but what is a spokesmodel? What do they do? Well, there are several different types of spokesmodels. Let‚Äôs take a moment to discuss the three most common.

Brand Ambassador

Spokesmodels who are used for branding have a significant impact on the direction of the marketing campaign. This person is used to give a voice to the product. The company will often use this person’s excellent reputation as a means to gain immediate recognition. The benefits are that if the individual is well known, they can gain instant trust from consumers. This person lends a face, reputation, and voice to the marketing campaign for the product.


Celebrities are often chosen based on their popularity. This person may be hired to do something as simple as posting a product endorsement on their social media account. Depending on how well known the individual is, this could cost the company anywhere from hundreds of thousands of dollars to several million. The benefit of hiring a celebrity is that the enterprise can gain instant recognition.


Sometimes the campaign is focused less on how large your audience is and more on your image and look. This is the case with spokesmodels who model for print, video, magazine and television commercials. Wherever the services or product is being advertised or displayed you will notice the spokesmodel’s picture so as to reinforce the image the image that the company is trying to create. Spokesmodels who do a lot of modeling may also be under contract to show up for product demonstrations, launch parties as well as other public relations events so that they can pose with the goods and confirm the endorsement in public.


There are some cases in which the company may focus on having the spokesmodels do interviews. The company will set up various interview opportunities with magazine and television platforms as well as press conferences and other media events that spokesmodels are required to attend to represent the company. The spokesmodel is asked about the product, their relation to it and may sometimes be asked questions about their other professional projects, especially in the case of celebrities. Interviews are an excellent way to generate a lot of positive media response as well as bring more recognition to the company’s products services.

No matter what type of spokesmodel a person is, their job is to bring recognition to a company’s products or services.They may be well-known or an entirely fresh faced-unknown. They are used as a means to gain the consumer trust of the product and inspire public interest. And if done well enough, sales increase for the company and the spokesperson’s career becomes more and more lucrative.