We are frequently asked the question, what is a booth babe? Booth babe is a term that has been used over the years to describe women who are employed by brands or companies occasionally at trade shows for the purpose of promoting the brand. They are also referred to as booth girls or promotional models. Booth babes are ladies who are hired to dress up in provocative clothing so as to entice the customers so they may view the products or services being showcased. This happens to mostly attract the male customers to the booths.

Booth girls are meant to be physically attractive. The primary purpose of having the booth babe in your exhibit booth is the promotion of the product or service you offer. Booth girls are given enough information on the brand and the exact product or service they are advertising, therefore, they can give the people and journalists too reliable information. They are mostly hired during trade shows and the convention events.

Maxim magazine did an article titled Check Out Some of the Hottest Booth Babes From CES 2017 on their website. Guns Magazine highlighted SHOT show booth babes on their websit. This shows how popular booth babes are and how attractive they are considered. There is a certain sexiness and mystique associated with booth babes.

Booth babes are given different responsibilities. The responsibilities are assigned to each girl depending on the type of promotional campaign that is being run. Some marketing promotions take place in retail stores, trade shows, and shopping malls too. Booth babes can also be found in clubs and outdoor spaces. These promotions are done in places that there is high traffic of people. These events are created to reach as many consumers as possible for the product or service in question. Types of booth babes • Race queens are models who are hired by motor brands. They are specifically employed to be present in the motorsport scene. They help market the latest cars and attract the customers to come and check out the models present as they give them information and encourage them to buy cars from the company.

•In Japan booth babes are often recommended and are known as image models. Image models are as popular there as booth babes are here. They are even used by the government agencies at events.

• Spokes model are models that are in the employ of a specific company. The model will be associated with a specific product and is the face of the product and its advertisements. This type of model cannot be compared to a brand ambassador who is a celebrity who is the face of a company

• Trade show models, on the other hand, are models who act as the assistants of the sales representatives of a company. They draw the customers to the business stand. They also provide reliable information.

The using of booth babes has become a trend lately especially with the tech companies. While some people think of this act as sexist, immoral, and outdated, others see it as a way of making good sales. The presence of booth babes will one day eradicate the necessity of sales girls since they can be trained to do that as well as attract the customers at the same time.

Promotional models are a way of making good deals and fast ones at that, therefore, giving the company an avenue of making a quick profit. The use of booth babes has become quite useful but requires some improvement. The notion of using booth babes has been looked down upon in some instances, but they have their place for certain companies.