In 1972, Albert Hammond recorded the song, “It Never Rains in Southern California,” and although the later lyrics warn his lover that “…when it rains, it pours, man, it pours” there is little overstatement in either of these seeming extremes. In all honesty, it doesn’t rain a lot in Los Angeles, CA and Southern California, but it rains enough to keep things nice, but when it does rain, it does pour.

The climate of Los Angeles is considered Mediterranean with just enough rain to keep it cool. In short, Los Angeles gets just enough sunshine to consider it plenty throughout the year. It is less rainy than many other areas of California but drier than others. Experts say that there is an average of only 35 days of rain each year. Otherwise, it is sunny and mild. You could compare the climate of Los Angeles as favorable to areas such as the coastal southeastern Spain and similar places.

For most of the Los Angeles area, temperatures are about or exceed 90 degrees F for a dozen or so days every year, one day each month, April through June, and November. Areas that are close by such as the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys are considered to be warmer than the downtown Los Angeles area. People who live in the Los Angeles area often experience temperatures swings that can be significant. Areas that are inland of the Los Angeles area can have temperatures between 30 degrees F higher. The sea temperature in the area of Los Angeles is about 63 degrees F. Hours of the sunshine total approximately 3,000 per year, with an average of seven hours per day.

On any given day, the weather in Los Angeles can be expected to be sunny and mild, with only a minimum number of days during the winter months that will call for warmer clothes. Some days are punctuated by rain showers, but these events are infrequent. During some weeks in March, the rains come significantly. Very significantly. In fact, the terrifying power of these rains frequently are shown on national news of their ability to wash out homes in even the most exclusive areas of the city and surrounding areas.

Snow flurries are very rare, but they do happen. For those who are fans of the cold, with snow and ice, the nearby mountains provide more than enough opportunities for recreation or relaxation. Fortunately, there is enough there to keep everyone happy and busy.

What Los Angeles doesn’t get in cold temperatures, it more than makes up for in winds, with warm Santa Ana winds bringing warmer weather and much drier conditions that are commonly prevalent. Along with these are increased warnings of fire conditions which are a frequent problem throughout Southern California.

Albert Hammond might have been a little off base when he sang about the rain conditions of the Southern California area, but for those who enjoy varied conditions of weather throughout the year, there is plenty for everyone.