When you watch television, films, and movies, many of the times you see American actresses who portray Canadian characters. As a matter of fact, the majority of the mainstream media from country music, pop music, rap music, comedy films, dramas, documentaries and action-packed thrillers are all started by American actors, led by American music celebrities, and headlined by pop stars of North American origin. But needless to say, there are many popular and famous celebrities that hail from Toronto Canada.

Neve Campbell, star of the scary movie series “Scream” is a native of Toronto. In addition to her strong character role in that movie, she also was an actress who carried her own in “Party Of Five Comedic actor Jim Carrey is also from Toronto, he is well known for his various hilarious roles on the hit TV show “In Living Color”. He also played the lead roles in the Ace Ventura movie series as the animal loving private investigator.

Singer, producer and actress Deborah Cox was born and raised in Toronto. This sultry and soulful R&B singer topped the charts with number one hits from her album that was released in 1998.

Singer, rapper, popular artists Drake hails from Toronto, although by the way the has dominated the music industry in America, you will probably never know it.

Da Grassroots, a geocentric and soulful Hip hop group of the 90’s, hell from Toronto, although they maintain a significant presence in the US, and have continued to do so since the release of their first album.

Soulful R&B artists Melanie Fiona is a Toronto native. Beautiful and sultry as she wants to be, she represents Toronto very well with her eclectic music that has a global appeal.

Sexy and talented Rick Fox is also a Toronto native. As an NBA basketball player and renowned actor who appeared in many television shows and movies has the sex appeal of any Canadian, who would steal the hearts of American women.

The former NFL player Warren Godfrey, along with Brian Glennie, Fred Glover, Ken Gerard, Lou Franceschetti and Glenn the Gold all hail from Toronto. There is a lot of athletic talent that has been discovered in Toronto, leaving a lot more yet to be discovered.

Miss Universe 2005, Natalie Glebova, also hails from Toronto. She comes to show the world, on a global scale, that Toronto natives are not only talented and creative but beautiful and intelligent too.

Former first lady, actress, and director Lisa Ray comes from Toronto, but got her start in America with the lead role in the Ice Cube-produced the film “Players Club.” From there she has had a lengthy acting career that led her to produce, directing and reality TV roles.

Keanu Reeves hails from Toronto. In his regular life, Reeves is a humble, yet attractive actor who has played countless good-guy roles.