As the capital of Ontario, Torontois the largest city in CanadaIt is also the native land of an exciting mixture of tourist attractions. From one corner of the city to another, you will find galleries, museums and other sources of entertainment that are just as infamous as those found in other countries. With the city being arranged and situated, so that is easy to navigate, as the attractions are all near each other, and for the attractions that are a distance away the highly efficient subway system can get you anywhere you want quickly.

CN Tower

This infamous landmark is one of the most popular attractions, a must-see in the city. Standing 553 m tall, the CN Tower can be easily cited from anywhere downtown, as the building towers over the central city. Tourists can sightsee from outside on the ground, but if you are more adventurous, you are welcome to take a tour of the tower, visit one of the many restaurants or observation areas, and take in the view of the illustrious city lights and sparkling waters of Lake Ontario.

While the exact date is unknown, the CN Tower was built sometime between the years of 1972 and 1976. At the time of his construction, it was certified as the tallest building in the world.

The Sky Pod is the highest point of the tower, measuring at 447 m above street level. From there, visitors can get a visible look at Niagara Falls and even the State of New York. Altogether, there are several floors and which tors can observe the views, with each one named appropriately for its view.

For example, at 346 m high, the Outdoor Sky Terrace and glass floor allow visitors to catch, and bird’s eye view of the city was standing on a see-through glass floor. The Edge Walk is a 1.5 m wide ledge that wraps around the outside of the building’s main pod, situated at 365 m high. Don’t worry, every person that participates in the Edge Walk is secured with a harness and rope to ensure their safety.

Royal Ontario Museum

With the international reputation for exquisiteness, the Royal Ontario Museumis home to a miraculous collection of historical artifacts, arts and other items of significance that represents various time periods in varying countries scattered all over the world. As a renowned premier museum, the building itself is traditionally older, yet the design and layout are modern.

From the outside, tourist can admire all the creative architectural designs of the building. Set in a circular arena and surrounded by bright and intriguing lights, the vision of the museum is a beauty to behold. Once inside, the spacious museum displays detailed and exquisite exhibits there are cultural representations that not only tell a visible story but unifies an international audience into a comprehension of humane equality shared through love passion and history.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

The Ripley’s Aquarium located near CN Tower, is one of the newest additions to the collection of astounding attractions in Toronto. In true Ripley’s fashion, this aquarium is home to some of the most exotic marine life, featuring their beauty and intriguing nature in this oversize water exhibit. One of the most impressive exhibits at Ripley’s Aquarium is the underwater tunnel that features a moving sidewalk. As tourists become immersed in the tunnel, and surrounded by soft fish, jellyfish, stingrays and small sharks that swim and glide all around them, the experience is serene and authentic, while appropriate for all ages of the family. Additionally, tourists and other visitors can have an interactive experience, as there are top open touch tanks where you are allowed to touch some of the friendly sea life animals.

All in all, Toronto Ontario is an exciting place to visit. While there are countless numbers of attractions, museums, and galleries to visits, there are also plenty of dining options to make the trip completes. That is what makes Toronto a fabulous place to go on a trip or vacation, as it offers an experience that is beautiful, comforting and relaxing all in itself.