If you have ever traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, you know that’s Atlanta is self is a large city with varying sections, each offering its unique experience. While it can be hard to decide on which activities you should do on vacation in Atlanta, there are a few things to do that should be on everyone’s list, no matter how short their visit is.


Visit The Alliance Theatre
If you have ever seen a Broadway play, then you know the type of musicals, dramas and classical stories that are portrayed in a theater setting. But before these acts make their way to New York City, those same Broadway productions are displayed here at the Alliance Theatre. Winner of the Tony Award, the Alliance Theatre is the perfect place to catch a headline show without paying headliner prices.

Walk, Run Or Ride Your Bike On The Atlanta Beltline
The Atlanta Beltline is a several miles long path that features rail to rail connections that allow you to have access to all of the significant neighborhoods and parks in Atlanta. Whether you travel by bike or foot, there are a wide variety of cafés, restaurants and dining options that will allow you to satisfy your appetite on your outdoor adventure.

Atlanta Botanical Garden
If you are right in the hearts of the Midtown area of Atlanta, you will easily find the Atlanta Botanical Garden by smelling the orchid fragrance in the air. Located in the northern corner of Piedmont Park, this 30 acres of green garden offers an outdoor experience that is unforgettable. With seasonal activities to attract guests year-round, you are sure to find exotic and colorful flowers, bridges and shrubbery, decorated with water fountains and paved pathways that will relax, calm and soothed all of your senses.

Atlanta History Center
The Atlanta History Center hosts more than 6000 pieces of Olympic game memorabilia. Uniforms, The Olympic torch, and victory metals can all be found in preservation here at the Atlanta History Center. The slaughterhouse that has historical roots in the community was featured in the hunger games, a blockbuster hit.

Children’s Museum of Atlanta
If you need an activity that is fun and entertaining enough to bring your kids, then the Children’s Museum of Atlanta is an imaginative arena that will allow you to do to explore 300 ft.² of activities. Covering topics from layers of the earth to original music composition, the Children’s Museum is a perfect place to bring your children and teach them history about Atlanta.

Delta Flight Museum
If you or your family is into aviation history, then the Delta Flight Museum will allow you to experience sky high exhibits while on a guided tour of Delta Atlanta’s headquarters that measures 68,000 ft.².