When Mardi Gras isn’t the biggest thing in town, New Orleans Bourbon Street is. In the heart of the French Quarter, it’s the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans Louisiana. If you’re looking for a good time, it features every kind of bar, karaoke, burlesque and strip club. We’ll list a few of those, but for those who can’t take the kids partying, there are other things to do within a block of Bourbon Street.

Bourbon French Perfumes 805 Royal St.

If you’ve never had your perfume custom blended, then you’re in for a treat. The store has been there since 1843, and they’ve been giving personalized care to New Orleans ever since. Be prepared, though. This isn’t an arbitrary “this smells good on you” kind of place. They document body chemistry, personality points and aroma likes and dislikes. Then watch as your personal scent is blended in a small quantity. Accessories are available as well such as powders, body washes and shampoos, all in your scent.

Maskarade 630 St. Ann St.

Imagine a shop in which art of all types, but especially masks, is on display. Imagine the proprietor not minding you trying them on and taking pictures. Artists from all over, as well as local artists, contribute their one-of-a-kind art to Maskarade. Watch as some of them are hand-made right there in the shop. The shop even offers richly designed headdresses with beads and other accessories.

Rodrigue Studio 730 Royal St.

Those whose first visit to New Orleans this is will be intrigued by native George Rodrigue’s art. To preserve his Cajun heritage, he put it on canvas. His Blue Dog series in the 1990s, though, shot the man to stardom. Stop in the gallery on your visit to New Orleans and see what it’s all about.

Gallery Orange 819 Royal St.

New Orleans is packed with art galleries, and we know you’ll try most of them. Gallery Orange, however, enjoys a cache no other gallery has. It’s bright and open, with vibrant, colorful and imaginative pieces on the walls. A painting of a rather realistic dollar bill folded in such a way that it says mommy’s tired? And everyone needs a painting of Jackie O on the cover of Vanity Fair, classy and elegant (yes, painting). From impressionist to abstract to representational, Gallery Orange has it all.

Preservation Hall 726 St. Peter St.

The Jazz Revival began in the 1950s when an art gallery owner found he couldn’t enjoy jazz concerts anymore. He invited jazz bands to come to his art gallery for jam sessions and practice. Remember this was the time of the young Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and the budding rock and roll. New Orleans jazz had faded from memory. Larry Bornstein brought it back.

Bourbon “O.”

An interesting bar offering a rum and ice cream root beer float.

Fat Tuesday

If daiquiris are your favorite drink, then this place has every incarnation on the books. And then some.

Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse

Good local jazz bands and burlesque don’t get played in bars, but this is a genuine musical venue. No cover.