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The TSM Agency Houston can help staff professional, beautiful, and energetic trade show booth staff, product demonstrators, and promo models.

Offshore Technology Conference Houston The Offshore Technology Conference is one of the most popular trades shows for this industry. The trade show attracts businesses in the oil, gas and environmental industries. The attendees travel to come to the conference from many different countries. The show is displayed one time a year in Houston. The Offshore Technology Conference is supposed to have a significant amount of education, training, and ideas. The trade show attracts scientists and energy professionals from different industries around the globe.

NeedTrade Show Booth Models for Offshore Technology Conference? We have models for hire!

The TSM Agency has been providing beautiful staff models for Offshore Technology Conference regularly every year. The event will bring over 60,000 attendees from different locations across the world. It is important to have your booth staffed and be prepared for the large crowd.
There are many Houston trade show models and promotional staff available to help show off your products and information to the attendees. Do you need extra staff Houston models to promote your booth? The TSM Agency can solve your dilemma. The promotional models, trade show models and brand ambassadors can be a great asset to your staff. The models can provide knowledgeable information to the crowd about your booth. They can help you keep track of potential clients, and attract more people to your product. Our local Houston spokesmodels can save time and expenses. There is no need to pay for unnecessary travel expenses.

About Houston

Houston is a remarkable place for tourists and international groups to visit. Houston is a well-known location for popular trade show events. It has many historical sites to explore and museums to attend. Houston is known as one of the popular places to hold an event around the globe. The reason that Houston is a great place for events, is because it has creative and large areas to hold them. In Houston, Texas is the main location for space exploration. There is many sights to see and places to visit when you come to this fascinating city. Houston has a variety of entrainment that is fun and enjoyable. If you come to Houston for the Offshore Technology Conference, there will be plenty of entertainment and fun to experience.

Offshore Technology Conference Model Staff Rates

Hire a professional staff model for your trade show booth. It is a less expensive approach to providing adequate staff to your booth and product. The savings of hiring a local Houston staff model is cheaper because there is no need for airfare, food, and transportation costs. The model is eager to promote your product and may actually be more professional than an employee who has no interest attending the exhibit with you. There are over 60,000 attendees expected to be at the trade show and many of these people spend thousands of dollars at each event. The extra staff to maintain your booth can be extremely beneficial in this large of a crowd. The TSM Agency has models who can speak different languages and can interrupt to ensure there is no language barrier between you and attendees.

Additional Information

Event Name:Offshore-Technology Conference

City: Offshore Technology Conference Houston

Exhibitors: 2,600

Date: 30th April – 3rd May 2018

Location:NRG Pkwy, Houston, TX 77054

Metheds of Payment: American Express Cash Visa

Houston Booth Modeling Opportunity

Have you ever wanted to become a trade show model or trade booth chick? TSM Agency is looking to hire Houston trade show staff and promotional models for Offshore Technology Conference. We have decided to open our talent model roster for Houston trade show models, booth models, promotional girls, and demo models. Our booth models are energetic and enjoy discussing products and information with attendees in a large crowd. If you have what it takes to represent products and booths in this type of environment, then fill out the model application. Get in contact with our company today.

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