Whenever you plan to take a trip out of town with your family, it is especially important that you find locations that are accommodating to children. Many parents struggle with finding activities that are not only fun for the kids, but are entertaining for the adults as well, but Louisville, KY offers a lot of fun filled activities that are enjoyable for the entire family. Even if you are on a budget, you are sure to find a list of activities that will entertain your family just as much as anything else.

The Louisville Zoo

When the weather is nice, it would be a perfect day to take advantage of the weather by visiting the Louisville zoo. The wildlife is the most obvious main attraction when visiting the zoo, but the animal Park offers activities that are separate from viewing the animals but are just as rewarding and enriching. With a splash waterpark, a train, a carousel, several children playgrounds and a motion simulator, the Louisville zoo is more than just a collection of animals for viewing. Even more, your family can purchase a annual membership that would allow unlimited visits for under $100.

The Kentucky Science Center

What was once known as the Louisville science Center, the Kentucky science Center offers more than 150 exhibits of interactive learning as well as a four-story IMAX theater. All visitors of the Louisville science Center are educated about engineering, physics, manufacturing, chemistry, tele-communications, life sciences, and health. Most kids to live in the city take a trip to the science center on a field trip when they are a student of the city’s public schools, but most parents enjoyed taking their children to engage with them was in the learning models as a way to explore science and make discoveries that are impressionable upon themselves and the children.

Louisville Extreme Park

This 4000 square-foot skate park, made of concrete, is where skaters and bikers accumulates to share their skills of all levels. The park is open seven days a week, and 24 hours a day, which means that visitors can come any time of day and night with their rollerblades, skateboards or bikes. Not only does this park feature seven bowls, a street cores, fun boxes, a flank bank and a 12 foot vertical wrap equipped with 13 feet of extension, the park is free to visits, and fun to play at.

Louisville Parks and Pools

The metro area of Louisville has more than 100 parks that total more to then 15,000 acres. That means there is a part in virtually every community of the city, so no matter where you are staying, you are sure to find a park or pool that is equipped with all the amenities you could ask for. From amphitheaters, to some of parks, hiking trails, ball courts, dog parts and even horseback riding trails, you and your family can enjoy outdoor fun that is both entertaining and relaxing.

The Kentucky Show

This 32 minute long film is displayed at the Kentucky Center for the arts. This hundred seat theater is often a popular attraction for school field trips because of the informational, historical and entertaining content of the show. Not only does the show catered to high school students and adults, is also entertaining and attention grabbing for younger children, as the show moves at a upbeat pace. Even though this production does not last a whole day, you will gain more than enough excitement when you visit.