Car show modeling is a glamorous job, but it has it’s share of controversy. Auto shows can face some challenges even if the general audience cannot easily realize it. There is always this narrative that most of the people in the public of car shows come to see girls and not cars. This description to some extent makes a lot of sense to most car show girls when they consider the kind of situation they undergo at such times. At such events, there are these commoners who crowd at one place with cameras pretending to be professional photographers on duty, but in the real sense, they are not. These are ordinary people with selfish ambitions of taking photos of some body parts of the car show models for personal satisfaction. As a model, you should be vigilant and avoid such people by not exposing too much of yourself and importantly avoid being suggestive. On that note in the following discussion, we are going look at some of the issues that are related to car show girls.

People just take photos of the car show girls and then leave

It always does utter well in the minds of most car vendors when you plan for automotive exhibition with numerous models, and people come and just takes photos and leave without even necessarily doing a check out of the showcased services and products. This is severe in as much as business is concerned since by the end of the day things will not go as expected by the car vendors and event planners. It’s always so unfortunate that you can have thousands of people in an exhibition but only to be realized that they came because of their reasons and not the core reasons for the event.

Some people staying at the same spot for the entire time that models pose at the car

It is always worrying to the models when you find some people just waiting at one point and shooting hundreds of photos of the same girl. This arouses a lot of questions on why they must do that since a few photos from the same spot make cute sense or even many photos from different angles or places.

Presence of perverted men in the show

This type of man frequently gives the car show girls a headache with their constant attention and conversations that are thinly veiled attempts at picking them up. Especially when they are making their moves during the events. These pickup artists who are fond smiling and doing some cheeky dialogue to the models with the intentions of seducing them for their personal interests. As if not enough, these are the kind of men who will ask you for your contacts during the show by using juicy business opportunities. As model and product specialist you should know how to handle such men since they just must exist in this type of industry.

Firstly, avoid smiling back to them by either pretending to have not seen it or looking sideways to the other side of the crowd. Moreover, never give out your contacts to this kind of men and if they come with juicy business opportunities just take their business cards, and you will get back to them at your convince.

Car shows can suck even If you love cars.