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The TSM Agency Denver offers experienced and talented brand ambassadors to help you showcase your products and services at a competitive level at the IEEE/PES conference. Your exhibit will run smoothly and your experience will be satisfactory.

The IEEE/PES Transmission & Distribution Conference will be held at the Colorado Convention Center Denver, Colorado. Organized by IEEE PES/Kenworthy Management, this conference brings together more than 6,000 people in the transmission and distribution industry to view demonstrations and have the chance to see real-world applications of solutions to common problems. The conference hosts more than 800 exhibitors who participate in the conference and also attend a comprehensive program with other attendees to give everyone access to the same level of information regarding today’s newest advances in the industry.
Looking to Hire Promo Models for the IEEE/PES in Denver? We have models for hire!

The TSM Agency offers experienced staff that can be the assistant you need and the product ambassador you hope to have when it comes to a conference like this one. With the number of
exhibitors and visitors to the IEEE/PES conference, it pays to hire the best. When you work with The TSM Agency, you can be sure you have the most qualified and ambitious staff to help you complete a satisfactory exhibition experience. In Denver, the best and the brightest in the transmission & distribution industry will be coming together to share ideas and view demonstrations. To have the best hands available to accomplish your goals at the conference, the time is now to get in touch with TSM Agency and arrange for those individuals to be available to you during the conference. That way, your efforts can shift to the ideas and products that will be your main focus for the exhibit itself.
Looking to Hire Promo Models for the IEE/PES Conference

Working with the TSM Agency for the IEEE/PES conference means you can cut down on advertising costs for assistants at the conference, concerns about hiring someone without meeting them and checking qualifications and general discomfort for working with strangers during a conference. You can be confident that the staff available through the TSM Agency is well-trained and prepared to be the ambassador your brand and services need to reach more clients and be a leading force in the industry. Progress in your industry is a constant and ever-changing factor. Make sure the aspects of exhibition that you can control will be set to your advantage before you reach the city.

About Denver

Denver is a city that is home to more than half a million people. For entertainment, visitors can choose to see many historic sites or visit numerous art venues and museums example the ultra-modern Denver Art Museum. The city has cuisine from all over the world, and hundreds of places to eat, it’s safe to say you will find a restaurant to suit your palate. Sports events, various entertainment venues and beautiful scenery all make Denver a great place to go for work or for fun. You can mix both together during a visit for the IEEE/PES conference. Give yourself a chance to get work done and enjoy some downtime in the evenings.

IEEE/PES Model Staff Rates

Hiring trade show models from TSM Agency in Denver means working with an agency that has been in the business for a while now. It means trusting an agency to meet your needs and provide the right Denver promotional models to understand the Transmission & Distribution agency and hold intelligent conversation with some of the top minds in the field. The TSM Agency understands the importance of knowledge and precision in conversation during an event where the elite in your field gather. Therefore, their employees are ready to be your backup and handle interaction as though they work in the industry on a daily basis. . The HD Expo is presented by Hospitality Design magazine and is considered

the premiere trade show for

the hospitality design industry. This event has over 700 exhibitors and

expects attendance of more than

6,500 people, interested in the newest innovations and products in

the industry as well as networking

opportunities and a forum for idea sharing. The Expo is organized by Emeral

d Expositions and is held at

the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Contact Information

Address: McCormick Place -West Building, 2301 S Prairie Ave, Chicago, IL 60616, USA

 Contact: (123) 123-4444

Visit EVENT website: http://www.globalshop.org/

Additional Information


 City Name: Denver

Attendees: 6,109

Exhibitors: 855

Date: April 17-19, 2018

Location:Colorado Convention Center

Metheds of Payment: American Express Cash Visa

Denver Promo Modeling Opportunities

Employment through the TSM Agency means becoming Denver brand ambassadors that are versatile and capable of working with experienced companies at trade shows like the IEEE/PES Transmission & Distribution Conference. These situations involve a lot of footwork and techniques to engage the audience. Your goal as Denver spokesmodels will be to showcase the product or service in such a way that it is unforgettable, despite there being hundreds of exhibits in competition for the right to be remembered. Your ability to engage the public and generate leads for a business will be key. If you think this job is right for you, then the TSM Agency would love to hear from you today.

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    Provide your contact details and we’ll get back to you asap!

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