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The TSM Agency Philadelphia is on ground to provide you the best expo models and spokes models. Our trade show models have the right qualifications to deliver the best results.

One of the most ground-breaking law enforcement exhibitions in the country is the Philadelphia IACP Annual Conference. It is a great showcase event that attracts members of the federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement community. Expect team building and displays of the latest in tactical law enforcement technologies available. The show offers professionals, suppliers and other stakeholders the opportunity to discover the latest trends in the industry.

The TSM Agency has always been part of this conference.

We provide exhibitors with different categories of promotional models. Our models always make the difference for a number of reasons. First is that we are local to this city, this means that we understand the environment and the people very well. We always explore this to the best advantage of our clients. Moreover, our models are well educated, trained, and motivated. They know what each client needs and provides it to them. Our spokesmodels are beautiful and skillful; we are going to convert your stand to a center of attraction. These models would not only attract traffic to your booth, we will help generate leads as well. We have experience when it comes to similar exhibitions; and this one is no exception. Our professionals know that you are in business to make profits. We are going to assist you network with the right people and you will most certainly benefit in the end.
No event is are the same, and that is why we train our models for each event. We are sure that our spokesmodels are going to deliver because the quality of personnel we use for each occasion would always match the occasion. We use the most qualified and most talented brand ambassadors. Apart from the fact that our models are well experienced, we take time to train and prepare them for each exhibition. Most importantly, our models would work very hard to satisfy your marketing needs. We know that this show is very important to you, and we help you to meet your target.

About Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a renowned city not only in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania; it is equally one of the largest populated cities in this country. The city is considered the fifth most populated, and it is estimated that the city has a population of more one and half a million residents. Apart from the huge population, Philadelphia can boast of being one of the economic centers of the country. It is not surprising that such global and national exhibitions take place in the country. The city has several attraction centers and this means that attendees have lots of things to keep them busy once in Philadelphia.

Are you an exhibitor?

Are you looking for models to hire? You have come to the right place. If you want your booth to make a difference in the next IACP Conference, you must use the services of professional agency like us. Professional agency would first get in touch with you, understand your requirements and send trade show models that match your needs. You are participating in the show to attract customers and generate leads. With the right show models, all these are going to be possible. This is why you should always rely on an established agency. The HD Expo is presented by Hospitality Design magazine and is considered

the premiere trade show for

the hospitality design industry. This event has over 700 exhibitors and

expects attendance of more than

6,500 people, interested in the newest innovations and products in

the industry as well as networking

opportunities and a forum for idea sharing. The Expo is organized by Emeral

d Expositions and is held at

the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Additional Information

Event Name: IACP Annual Conference and Exposition Philadelphia

City Name:Philadelphia,

Attendees: Unknown at this time

Exhibitors: 600+

Date: October 21–24, 2017

Location:Mandalay Bay Convention Center

Metheds of Payment: American Express Cash Visa

Do you want to become a model?

Do you think that you have the skill to become a promo model? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then the next IACP Conference is an opportunity for you to showcase that your talent. We are looking for stars like to manage our client’s booths. Hundreds of clients would be requiring our services and we want the best trained models to become their models. You have a lot to gain when you work for us, we are always busy, and that means that you would always be busy.

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    Provide your contact details and we’ll get back to you asap!

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