There is a great difference between being a print model, trade show model and car show girl. As a print model, you only need to mind about your look on the camera. Trade show model need to learn the product information and have a great appearance and attitude, be friendly and importantly upbeat all day. Car show girls and auto show models are a type of trade show modelbut are held to a higher standard for the knowledge of the product. Auto show models are often asked to study and have a thorough understanding of the auto manufacturer’s products that they are representing. In the following discussion, we are going to look at some of the required features for you to be a car show girl.

You need professional photos

It’s always advisable that you take professional pictures of different looks. Some of the ways that you can take professional photos in include: tight-fitting business suit, swim suit that is not revealing too much or too sexy, casual wear which can be a tank top or jeans, a head shot that is commercial looking and importantly you ought to have one candid photo. The market is very competitive and thus when you have a variety of professional photos from the superior way of dressing, then someone can tell if you can be a good car show model so that he can offer you the job. Therefore, you need to be someone who loves photos, and they need to be professional and outstanding.

You need a candid video that is done on cell phone or camera

It’s always important to have a video of you as a model even if it is one than having none. This is paramount for you since it tells the client about the kind of model you are. The customer can note the following from the video: professionalism, the pitch of voice and tone, mannerism and importantly how he will expect you to look on arrival. It’s always recommended that you do an approximate one minute video and crucially you should be in a business skirt suit that should be short. You should always show all you best moves in the video, and they should be sexy but not suggestive so that you can have high chances of being chosen as the car show model.

You should keep track of all people you have worked for as a model in the existing market

This is an excellent tool that sells you to your client so that they can offer you the car show model job. Make sure you have all the information of some of the trade show model tasks you have done from volunteer works, promotions, professional endeavors to shows. Keeping track of your auto show models is critical since it tells your client what you can do and the quality of job that you can offer in as much as car show girls are involved.