Frequently Asked Questions


The best way to avoid any misunderstandings about responsibilities is to discuss them with your model at the start of the event. Throughout the event, give your model feedback. Just like an employee, they are working for you! You may contact your TSM Agency Account Executive at any time if you are experiencing any difficulties.

The TSM Agency rarely experiences a no-show, but should this occur, our staff is on hand to find a replacement model for your event.

We accept all major credit cards, wire transfers and checks; however, all payments must be made prior to your event.

At the TSM Agency we base our recommendations of models on the working relationship with the model and client feedback. Models who consistently receive positive feedback and maintain a professional working relationship with the company are recommended.

Account Executives can set up phone interviews for the clients to interview the potential models at the clientā€™s request.

Clients are encouraged to provide any materials they feel are necessary for the model to have prior to the event. They can send this information to their Account Executive, who will then forward it to the selected models for their review.

The TSM Agency has models all across the United States and Canada, so typically, models come from the local area, cutting the expenses for our clients of having to provide travel and accommodations. If a client has a specific model they would like to book from outside the area, the TSM Agency and our models are able to make arrangements for travel.

Promotional models specialize in gaining and keeping the attention of event guests. They can generate a large number of leads, hand out materials, discuss your company with guests, scan badges and many other tasks to maximize your presence. They are great for manning the booth if you need to step away or are engaged with a prospective customer.

Our models specialize in trade show and promotional modeling; however, most of our models have experience in print, runway, film and television, music and many other facets of entertainment.

First you contact us and give us as much information as you can in regards to your event, as well as expectations.

The Account Executive will need to know the dates, location, hours, number of models to staff, the modelsā€™ responsibilities and the required attire. You can never give us too much information so feel free to tell us about the type of event (if we arenā€™t already familiar with it), your goals, messaging, products and services or any other pertinent information.

We will then provide a proposal and recommend staff based on your needs. Once reviewed, we will answer any questions you may have or change any required information in order to finalize approval. Once approved, models from our database will be contacted from the desired location for availability. We will send photos of the available models to you for model selection and then finalize all details and selected model(s).

Due to the wide variety of experience each model has, they each have a different minimum rate they are willing to work for. We honor our modelsā€™ requests, as they are independent contractors and are not required to work for a rate they do not find satisfactory.

We take your event very seriously; working diligently and focusing on every detail, as well as understanding what you are looking for and expecting from our models. We will share that information with the models that you book, and keep communication clear and timely. Our staff is prompt and thorough, and strives to fulfill and surpass the expectations of each of our clients.

The TSM Agency has been staffing hundreds of events across the United States and Canada for over ten years. We are highly experienced and professional, and we are capable of handling any event!

The TSM Agency is a model-staffing agency with significant trade show, promotional event, fashion, fitness, print and film bookings. We work with hundreds of National and International companies to bring their projects to life. Our events happen year-round, in every part of the USA and Canada from major metropolitan areas to remote locations, using a comprehensive national talent database.


The TSM Agency pays models by check and will be adding direct deposit soon. We pride ourselves on prompt payments and are known by our models for taking care of them.

Please contact the TSM Agency if there are any issues with the client.

Contact the TSM Agency immediately if there is an emergency and you have to cancel.Ā  The TSM Agency frowns on cancellation; however, we do understand that some circumstances are beyond the modelā€™s control.

We strongly encourage you to keep your profile up to date. If you have new photos, contact information or experience, please post it regularly.

Occasionally a client requests a model to travel to their event.Ā  The TSM Agency will contact the model and if he/she agrees, the client and the TSM Agency will make travel arrangements, all expenses paid.

Yes, you can; however, elective travel is at the modelā€™s expense. If a client requests to fly a model to the event you will be contacted and accommodated for travel.


Please put your personal belongings away. Do not use your cell phone while you are working. Stay focused on the task at hand.


Be punctual; we ask that our models plan to be at the event 15 minutes early due to the large scale of many of the events. Be professional; meet the needs of the client and fulfill your responsibilities. Be friendly and outgoing. Promotional models must be comfortable and eager to engage with others. Follow the recommendations you receive from your account executive when you are booked for a job and review all information provided on the client and the show.

When we are contacted, we contact the models that fit the needs of the client and location of the event. Clients make the final decision on their model; however, the TSM Agency does provide recommendations based on prior work performance.

Models must be at least 18 years old.Ā  The TSM Agency is always accepting applications of attractive and outgoing individuals who are professional and dependable to add to our team! For more information clickĀ HERE.

Please fill out our applicationĀ HERE. Our Talent Coordinator will review your application and if you are selected, you will be contacted with further information. Please do not call.