Brand ambassadors are very crucial in marketing, and it could refer to even the fans who have a great passion for a product or a brand and share their product’s love on their accord, or brand ambassador could be a company’s program to embrace, engage and find their loyal customers. To get there, learn from successful businesses that have already applied for the program, and it is effective. Different companies use different tactics to capture customers ranging from just spreading the small fun to rewarding passion to even building technical expertise. Some of the world’s largest brands hire brand ambassadors. To hire a brand ambassador, hire a brand ambassador agency.

Business learned long ago that hiring brand ambassadors was a viable tactic to increase brand awareness and sell more product. Brand ambassadors help you to grow your business. Some of the businesses that use brand ambassador programs include:

Maker’s Mark

Maker’s help discussions with employees to select on guidelines and came up with the most satisfactory and known ambassador programs today. The program is about community and its coming together to share maker’s values. The program is mainly with passion. The love of a legendary brand in the bourbon world. Passion for the fine art of traditional crafting and enjoying all at a time. Maker’s Mark created the ambassador program of word of mouth marketing years ago. Ambassadors have access to a private online community called “The Embassy” which is loaded with the company brand ranging from a picture with your name engraved on it to bar handouts to personal business cards. The fun tools help ambassadors in events to help in moving the product. The business cards help ambassadors in spreading the brand and program information and assist the company to identifies restaurants and bars not aware of Maker’s Mark. Read more about the Maker’s Mark ambassador program.


The Human Resource executives in the company ensure that every employee is conversant with any interesting Nokia trivia. They know first Nokia product was rubber books followed by billionth phone mobile phone which was bought by a Kenyan man. The company gives their employees the power to talk to social media about the company as much as they want. They also encourage employees to join conversations regarding the enterprise whether negative or positive.


Adobe is a software powerhouse. For the implementation of the program, one of the employees directed more traffic to the website than even the Adobe Twitter presence had ever. This led to the implementation of the social strategy. After the finding, Adobe’s social business director embraced it by creating a program to train individuals on social networks on how to use Adobe software without jeopardizing company’s job or the company itself. They created a blog “Adobe Life” on how it feels to work with Adobe, and it gets many views monthly. Adobe is proud of their brand ambassadors.


Microsoft launched the program called most valuable professional initially as a support team to Microsoft to create recognition, support frequent and active users on Usenet and also reward them as they help other people solve their problems if technical. The Most Valuable Professional major on sharing expertise with others. The team members of the most valuable professional to earn their rewards, they show on their blogs, business cards, resumes or profiles the program logos as a way of promoting the already brand most valuable professional.