It’s always a standard thing that almost all car shows must have models or rather car show girls. Staffing auto show models are something that has long been practiced, it is being practiced now, and importantly it will be practiced in the future again. Staffing car show girls brought about real enthusiasts who repeatedly attend auto shows for viewing the models as much as the cars. However, you won’t miss this group of people who attend this shows for personal reasons and by the end of the day victimizing the models by succumbing to their strange conversations. You hear about some guy who tries to take close-up photos of the chest and skirts of the models. For that and other reasons, we are going to look at some of the tips that those looking to enter the world of auto show modeling can embrace so that they can protect themselves from such people.

Beware of indecent camera angles

This an important tip that you ought to be vigilant about so that you can avoid pics of your private parts. Note the angle in which the camera is tilted. Your camera should not be tilted awkwardly up at the auto show models, neither should it be pointed extremely downward. Some indecent angles that are known to be taken by car show girls include: up skirt and down the cleavage. Importantly, note that there might be many photographers around you and you might not be knowing the intentions of some of them, and therefore you be making quick scans and significantly note the way the cameras are being held. Perverts are be caught all the time.

Watch for touchy feels from your audience

In some circumstances, some people may request you to take pics with them after they realize that you are good in making your moves. There is no problem with this, but you should be care where they place their hands at such times. Putting them on your shoulders and waist should be the limit. If you feel some hands going towards you boobs or butt, you should not shy off shouting “Excuse.”

Avoid giving out your contact

As a model is such a business, you might find some photographers who will sweet talk you with some exciting opportunities. Do not be cheaply seduced by this and give out your contacts. Always learn to take their business cards and if they insist then give them your email. It is always advisable to take their business cards and then do research about the opportunities. If genuine, then you can contact them at your convenient time.

Avoid sending wrong signals

You should always mind your behavior since you are on the look-out of everyone in the venue. Be careful not be so suggestive in your moves and know that there is a difference between being to suggestive or sexy. When striking up a move always be mindful of what you are exposing so that you do not send a wrong signal to the audience. Be too much suggestive might give the people false information about you.