Brand ambassadors have proven to be a hig-converting form of marketing over the years. Initially, customers were exceptional with communication from one direction that is the brands. Currently, due to the social media and digital rise, consumers now have a voice. The platforms have created the environment which enables users to disable messages on ads or exert on one another’s actions their influence. As companies were trying to adapt to changes in the environment, the importance of brand ambassadors increase. Brand ambassadors are people who represent one or more brands regularly and can maneuver consumer’s space as they exist within the customer’s area a way not possible for brands only. Therefore companies that use brand ambassadors stay ahead. Below are the reasons that brand ambassadors make companies stay ahead in competition curve.

People appreciate more buying from personal experiences

Online shopping is on the rise, and hence buyers seek purchase decisions from the sources rather than the brand. People always expect companies to display their services and products in the best way possible. Therefore, when buying a product, the decision on the brand to buy from comes from comments by other customers who used the product. A brand ambassador then helps translate the company’s message into human understandable terms with honest and detailed information to interest new customers.

Word of mouth advertising is very credible

From research, only 33% consumers have trust on paid advertisements. However, 92% of consumers from research revealed that peer recommendations are more trustworthy than advertising. Therefore, using a brand ambassador narrows down the negative user opinions on an individual brand. Ambassadorship is a way of the brand communicating to the customers at their space and level and help to gain lost trust.

No limitation in time

Banner ads and television commercials can only be used for a limited time span after which they become stale. Brand ambassadors on the other side improve their effectiveness with time. Ambassadors as well require lesser time compared to traditional ways of advertising. This enables the brand to exercise real-time marketing in response to current events within a reasonable time frame. Unlike traditional campaigns which are created early in advance and execution is in a fixed period, ambassadors can instead be activated after a notice of its necessity.

Ambassadors create emotions that are genuine

For effective ambassador relationships, allow representatives to give honest opinions on your business services and products. This grants representative a sense of trust from their employer and emotional attachments to the brand are formed. Create an emotional message related to the brand and others view it as trustworthy. If you treat your ambassadors well, they love your brand and hence impact the emotional connection in the brand following. An ambassador, in this case, is more of an empowered consumer who can recruit peers as new customers to the business.

Brand Ambassadors create more ambassadors

Best online ambassadors have reached on many social channels after which all the ambassador’s followers become your company’s audience. Anyone then can share brand information with all their following by just a single click. Suddenly, the company’s message becomes displayed on networks of people who have trust on the individual who posted it. If the information is valuable to them, they will share it with friends and family hence promoting the brand. Lululemon is an example of a brand that has a successful brand ambassador program that spreads their message due to it’s implementation.