Brand ambassador jobs require someone who is friendly with strangers for some hours and get excited about new products. Brand ambassador primarily represents the company positively, and it is their duty to express the positive message about the company to customers and new people who would like to gain more information about the brand. Brand ambassador jobs create awareness of the product and direct attention and traffic to their booths at conventions and trade shows.

What jobs do ambassadors do?

Brand ambassadors primary job is to promote the company’s products online and at events by providing brand’s information, the service or product, working to make customer preference be the brand. Some of the tasks that brand ambassadors perform are:

Answering questions asked at any information booth about the brand.
Demonstrating any new technology used by the brand they represent.
Educating customers on products offered by the brand and their importance.
Using social media such as Facebook and Twitter to tell people of a new product.
Helping with displays already set up.
Dressing up as part of the company.
Demonstrating how the products of brand work.

Brand ambassadors mostly work at busy events where there are many people. For example, nightclubs, festivals, concerts, conventions or even trade shows. Brand ambassador jobs, unlike a buzz-marketing agent, the ambassador is openly and clearly known to be promoting a certain brand.

Moreover, brand ambassadors do not work directly for the company they represent their products. Instead, they are hired by event-staffing businesses which contract them. Brand ambassadors can either be full time or part time, whose ambassador job is not consistent as in a certain week, you might only work for 40 hours. View the types of promotional events you may work as a brand ambassador here.

Qualifications for brand ambassador jobs

The key requirements of being a brand ambassador are enthusiasm, solid work ethic and great attitude and both marketing and retail skills. There are many websites to find brand ambassador jobs, if you are interested. Companies prefer to employ people who have formerly worked in events but also overlook experience for ones who are interested in doing what should be done and show up in time. These companies mostly look for younger people. Most job postings target young women. Other qualifications of a brand ambassador include:

Have solid web presence.
Outgoing, able to work with public and energetic.
Able to communicate well verbally.
Have excellent leadership skills.
Should be able to multi-task.
Should hold a license to deal with alcohol if dealing with such a brand.
Ability to work with no supervision.
Should be detail oriented.
Have organizational skills.
Knowledgeable of the brand they represent.
Brand ambassador jobs working environment.

For the brand ambassador position, the ambassador should be willing to work in conditions such as:

Travelling to tradeshows and conventions.
Promotions in bars and night clubs.
Public places with lots of people such as shopping malls and grocery stores.
Should have a flexible work schedule that includes holidays, weekends and nights.
Appearing in promotion pictures in newspapers, magazines or on television to promote the company’s brand.

The pay for ambassador jobs ranges from $40,000 to $16,000. Average wage per hour is $11.88.