The using of booth babes has become quite popular especially in the technological world. They are used to help promote computer accessories, soft wares, and games. If one is a good follower of the technological buzz, then you will realize that most times the models are used to advertise the games and all computer parts to the market.

Staffing booth babes as most gamers and computer geeks turn out to be men and the presence of a lady in scanty clothing appeals to them. Men have been known to be sexually driven, and the image of the girls in these booths appeals to them so much. This fact alone makes them visit the booths even if initially they did not have they desire to.

However, the presence of booth models has caused a lot of controversies. The clothes worn by the models are mostly scanty, demeaning and revealing. The women are objectified to be there for the enjoyment of the men. The fact that the women are out through this system in which they have to pose for pictures with the male attendees shows how sexually the women are objectified. It proves the notion in which women are a decoration for the fulfillment and male titillation.

There are many articles littering the web providing the experience of girls who were hired to work as booth babes and articles discussing eliminating them entirely at shows or keeping booth babes in check with what they can wear. booth babe The use of women as the booth models makes the booth environment a sexualized environment in which the women attendees will feel uncomfortable while the men will be there out of sheer pleasure due to the sight before them. This marketing strategy has been known to ignore female and homosexual attendees too. They are not given any attention, and they may also be out, making buying decisions on the products but not will leave since the concentration is elsewhere.

The use of booth babes is a big contribution to the fact that some female employees are ignored, and all the attention goes to the booth girls. The models are more favored with both their male colleagues and the attendees. The patrons are also mistaken some time when they assume that all female employees should be booth babes although the booth babes have no technical background. The use of booth babes has been seen as a way of crating profits since the attention thy get is what is turned into revenue for the brand.

The social activist groups have raised their concern that the brands and companies are dehumanizing women for the sake of profit. They also consider it to be quite disrespectful that booth babes are used and considered acceptable in professional events and public places like malls and video game targeted our youth. The groups have raised concerns that the models are unfairly treated. Thy also claims that the models are used as a way of deploying sex Meanwhile the sales are escalating and then it is given the name advertising.

This marketing strategy is considered inappropriate and sexist. It is a clear indication to how little respect women get from the society. It is also a way of turning off the demography of the female population. It also shows how selfish men are as it depicts the message that the world especially the technological world has been a male dominated world for far too long. It is about time that the women were not used for the pleasure of men and the gain of profit.