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Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology is the highest meeting for those in the dermatology, and it is aimed at supporting the delivery of the highest quality care for patients. More than that, it aims at presenting and developing information that would facilitate continuing education for those in the field of dermatology. It offers useful information for participants such as the latest developments as regards prevention, diagnosis, as well as the treatment of dermatologic disease and patients.
Looking to hire professional models and booth staff for the AAD Show in San Diego? We have models for hire!

AAD show is a special event, and that is because it is one of the few annual and most successful shows in Dermatology. Because of that, participants would like to get the most out of the yearly event home when the exhibition is finished. Participants want to be informed and the best way they can be informed is using models who understand the issues very well. Our promotional models have an edge here. We do not just send any brand ambassadors for this type of show. We make the time and educate our models before sending them out and that is why they are more informed than other models. Our models are not only informed, but they are also beautiful as well and because of their beauty and their knowledge of the subject, they are going to attract a lot of people to your stand. This would help you to generate leads and reposition your products.
Hire Qualified Booth Models for the Annual Meeting Of The American Academy Of Dermatology TSM models are local in San Diego and they are going to help participants to know what the event is all about because being part of the city they are going to interpret it the way they would easily understand. Exhibitors are going to gain more in all these because these models are going to speak to them in a language they can easily understand. It would translate to lead generation and more profits for the participating companies. Our models are well trained, and they are going to offer you different kinds of services you require from us.

About San Diego

San Diego is a mayor city, and it is located in the state of California at the United States of America. This is regarded as a coastal city because of its location close to the Pacific Ocean. The city is well populated as it is estimated that the people residing in the city are well over one million people. The city is densely populated, and it is regarded as the second largest city in California. The city is historic, and that is why it is considered to be the birthday of California. It is strategically located, and it is not surprising that national and international shows are organized here.

AAD Show Model Staff Rates

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Contact Information

Address: McCormick Place -West Building, 2301 S Prairie Ave, Chicago, IL 60616, USA

 Contact: (123) 123-4444

Visit EVENT website: http://www.globalshop.org/

Additional Information

Event Name:Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology

City Name: San Diego

Attendees: 18,512

Exhibitors: 411

Date: February, 16-20 2018

Location:San Diego Convention Center

Metheds of Payment: American Express Cash Visa

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