We all know summer is the best time when bikini bodies hit our social media. Almost all women want a body that looks like it can be in a fitness magazine. This can remain a far-fetched dream when discipline is not incorporated. Everything is attainable when determination is involved. The swimsuit models in this list score thousands of likes from their selfies and have other ways to show their popularity.

These bikini models also wear revealing bikinis to very seductive one-pieces so they are all comfortable in their own skin. Most of them provide inspiration on what to wear on the beach. All around the universe ranging from athletes, models and bloggers post their killer bikini shoots. They all have a huge base of followers on the various platforms. This rounded-up list shows the most famous bikini models:

1. Frida Gustavsson

She began her journey of modelling in 2008. She has been to a couple of couture including Valentino Haute Couture. After this event in Paris, she walked many other shows like, Louis Vuitton, Lanvin Carolina, Givenchy and many others. Frida was also picked as the new face of Maybelline. She has also featured in magazines. In 2010, she had the privilege of being featured in the German Vogue.

2. Mimi Elashiry

Mimi is extraordinary especially due to her height. Just the other week she got signed to the Next Model Management. Mimi is not only a beautiful model but also a dancer. She managed to get a full scholarship at the Joffrey Ballet School.

3. Rocky Barnes

Rocky is a California native who was featured in Justin Bieber’s video. She is an outgoing model not afraid to take photos with a camel. Rocky is a gorgeous model that only takes best shoots. This is our kind of girl, isn’t she?

4. Jessica Stein

Jessica Stein popularity is growing every day. With over one million followers. Jessica Stein is the most famous fashion blogger in her country. Her journey began in 2010. Currently, she is the best fashion blogger in the world. She is a travel and style star. Her photos are taken from very unique destinations.

5. Dani Bonnor

This model has appeared on the face of various campaigns. She is beautiful in every aspect. Dani is carefree, down to earth and fun loving. She exercises a lot to have a fit figure and also ensures she nourishes her body.

6. Devin Brugman

Devin Brugman is a gorgeous founder of Bikini-A-Day. She is in a good way obsessed with Bikinis wears.

7. Alina Baikova

She is a Ukrainian model. Alina gained popularity due to her green-coloured eyes and her lean legs. She has dark brown hair and stands at 5’11”. Her skin is evenly toned making her a supermodel.

8. Carmen Lilly

She is a wardrobe stylist pro. Fashion sense will always be a reflection of who you are. Carmen is confident and exudes power when it comes to fashion.

9. Jenah Yamamoto

She is Hawaiian. Jenah has earned massive followers through her blog. She has been featured in various publications and has been associated with brands like ADIDAS.

10. Katrina Brodsky

She is a stylist, blogger, designer, editor and model. Katrina is a beautiful and talented female blogger.

If you’ve got that killer body, why not ‘Instagram it.’ Discipline is the drive that you need towards achieving your goal as being ranked among the famous bikini models.