A Trade Show Model may appear to be a glamorous position to have in the industry. The women are beautiful, classy, sophisticated and outgoing. The women hand out flyers, pamphlets and talk to a lot of interesting people. Being able to get paid while interacting with numerous people may seem too good to be true. It may also seem the perfect dream job that every female would want. The models appear to be naturals with the consumers and seem to have fun while doing their job. How to become a trade Show Model is a frequently asked question because being one looks like such a great job to have. If you want to find out how to get started in the Trade Show industry, there are some factors that need to be considered.


 A portfolio of information may be required to begin the process of becoming a Trade Show Model. The portfolio will need to include professional photos of you in business attire such as a business suit. Some of the shows will ask that you submit candid imagery, demo videos, and any other proof that may help you to qualify. The next items you need in your portfolio is education documentation. The clients are going to want to know your education status, achievements, and any other academic aware that you have held. A professional resume is also needed with your portfolio. Look through these model portfolios to get an idea of what is out there.

A resume can help the client to get to know you and what you have achieved up to that point in your life and though it is not a portfolio component it something you need to provide. The skills that you have should also be documented in your portfolio to help the client know what you are qualified to perform. The skills can also help you get booked for a Trade Show Modeling position if your qualification fits the customer’s needs. References may also be required depending on the Trade Show you’re applying. It all comes down to how well you can market yourself. The professional portfolios will have a better opportunity in landing a high paying Trade Show Modeling position. Here are 15 tips for a great modeling portfolio that you may be required.


In the Trade Show Industry, it is necessary for the models to understand the product and can comprehend information quickly and accurately. Many of the models will need to take and pass tests and quizzes to determine how well they can learn product information and be able to talk about that product in a professional and knowledgeable way. These factors are highly important for a model to succeed in this type of industry. The client needs a model to help bring in consumers to their booth. Being able to strike up a conversation with strangers and trade show attendees is a huge factor in this type of position. A model is not going to be very helpful to clients who are not able to converse about the product that the client is exhibiting.

These are some of the requirements that females must have when applying for a Trade Show Model position. The photos should be classy and not be too revealing or sexy. The models are required to have a distinct appearance and look. The look will need to be seen in the professional photos and videos that you submit. If you are thinking about applying for a modeling position, then follow these steps to submit a professional portfolio that will help you get booked.